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Manage Deployment API keys

You can use API keys to programmatically deploy DAGs to a Deployment on Astro.

You can use a Deployment API key to:

When using Deployment API keys, keep in mind the following:

  • A Deployment API key ID and secret are valid indefinitely and can be used to access Deployments without manual authentication.
  • Deployment API keys are deleted permanently if their corresponding Deployment is deleted.
  • A Deployment API key is not tied to the user that creates it. If the user that creates the API key is removed from the Workspace or their permissions change, the API key does not lose access to the Deployment and is not affected.
  • Any user or service with access to an API key and secret can access the corresponding Deployment. The only way to delete this access is to delete the API key or delete the Deployment.

Create an API key

  1. In the Cloud UI, open your Deployment.

  2. Click API Keys.

  3. Click + API Key:

    Add API key button

  4. Enter a name and an optional description for the API key and then click Create API Key:

    Create API key button

From here, you can copy the API key ID and secret for use in API calls and CI/CD pipelines. Make sure to save the key secret securely, as this is the only time you will have access to see it in plain text.


If you just need to make a single API call, you can use a temporary user authentication token instead of a Deployment API key ID and secret pair. To retrieve a temporary authentication token, go to and copy the token that appears. This token is valid only for 24 hours.

Using Deployment API keys

Deployment API keys are primarily used to automate actions that otherwise require manual inputs. They allow you to:

To use API keys with the Astro CLI, you must make your Deployment API key ID and secret accessible to the CLI by setting the following OS-level environment variables:


For example, to update a Deployment using the Astro CLI on a Mac machine, set temporary OS-level environment variables with the following commands:

export ASTRONOMER_KEY_ID=<your-key-id>
export ASTRONOMER_KEY_SECRET=<your-key-secret>

After setting the variables, running astro deployment update works for the Deployment and you don't need to manually authenticate to Astronomer. Astronomer recommends storing ASTRONOMER_KEY_SECRET as a secret before using it to programmatically update a Deployment.

Delete an API key

If you delete an API key, make sure that no existing CI/CD pipelines are using it. Once deleted, an API key and secret cannot be recovered. If you unintentionally delete an API key, create a new one and update any CI/CD workflows that used the deleted API key.

  1. In the Cloud UI, select a Workspace and then select a Deployment.

  2. Click API Keys

  3. Click Edit next to your API key.

    Edit API key button

  4. Click Delete API Key, enter Delete, and then click Yes, Continue.