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astrocloud deployment delete


Delete a Deployment on Astro. This command is functionally identical to deleting a Deployment via the Cloud UI.

When you run astrocloud deployment delete, you'll be prompted to select from a list of Deployments that you have access to across Workspaces. Alternatively, you can bypass this prompt and specify a Deployment ID in the command. To retrieve a Deployment ID, go to your Deployment's information page in the Cloud UI and copy the value after the last / in the URL. You can also find Deployment ID by running astrocloud deployment list.


To complete this action, Workspace Admin permissions are required.


astrocloud deployment delete


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
<deployment-id>The ID of the Deployment to deleteAny valid Deployment ID
-f,--forceDo not include a confirmation prompt before deleting the Deployment``
--workspace-idSpecify a Workspace to delete a Deployment outside of your current WorkspaceAny valid Workspace ID


$ astrocloud deployment delete
# CLI prompts you for a Deployment to delete
$ astrocloud deployment delete ckvvfp9tf509941drl4vela81n -f
# Force delete a Deployment without a confirmation prompt