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astro deployment connection list

List the Airflow connections stored in a Deployment's metadata database.


astro deployment connection list

This command only lists Airflow connections that were configured through the Airflow UI or otherwise stored in the Airflow metadata database.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-d,--deployment-idThe ID of the Deployment for which to list connectionsAny valid Deployment ID
--deployment-nameThe name of the Deployment for which to list Conections. Use as an alternative to <deployment-id>.Any valid Deployment name
-w,--workspace-idList connections for a Deployment that is not in your current Workspace. If not specified, your current Workspace is assumedAny valid Workspace ID


# List connections stored in the Deployment with an ID of cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv
astro deployment connection list --deployment-id cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv

# List connections stored in the Deployment "My Deployment"
astro deployment connection list --deployment-name="My Deployment"

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