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astro deployment inspect

Inspect an Astro Deployment. This command returns a YAML or JSON representation of a Deployment's current configuration and state as shown in the Cloud UI. When the --key flag is used, it returns only the values specified with the flag.


astro deployment inspect

When using the --key flag, specify the complete path of the key you want to return the value for, excluding deployment. For example, to return the cluster_id for a specific Deployment, you would run:

astro deployment inspect <deployment-name> --key information.status

See Example output for all possible values to return.

Example output

The following output is an example of what you receive when you run astro deployment inspect <deployment-id> with no other flags specified. It includes all possible values that you can return using the --key flag.

alert_emails: []
- is_secret: false
updated_at: "2022-09-26T13:58:54.427Z"
value: us-east-1
- is_secret: true
updated_at: "2022-09-26T13:57:36.564Z"
value: ""
- is_secret: true
updated_at: "2022-09-26T13:57:36.564Z"
value: ""
cluster_id: cl66604ph00tx0s2tb3v313qu
description: ""
name: Prod
runtime_version: 6.0.2
scheduler_au: 20
scheduler_replicas: 2
airflow_version: 2.4.1
cluster_id: cl66604ph00tx0s2tb3v313qu
created_at: 2022-08-08T18:12:18.566Z
deployment_id: cl6l2mhvq280081b01cg9g9nzw
deployment_url:<deployment url>
release_name: primitive-twinkling-4105
status: HEALTHY
updated_at: 2022-11-03T15:26:57.316Z
webserver_url: <org><deployment url>
workspace_id: cl1ntvrrk411461gxsvvitduiy
- id: cl8oigdwh135879hfw37mu9qrev
is_default: false
max_worker_count: 10
min_worker_count: 0
name: heavy-compute
node_pool_id: cl8c3xz901505872c1d498z2zt9
worker_concurrency: 16
- id: cl6l2mhvq280121b01r5mkcj05
is_default: true
max_worker_count: 10
min_worker_count: 1
name: default
node_pool_id: cl66604pi447851h2tpkvtlkrt
worker_concurrency: 16


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-n, --deployment-nameName of the Deployment to inspect. Use as an alternative to <deployment-id>.Any valid Deployment name
<deployment-id>The ID of the Deployment to inspect.Any valid Deployment ID
--workspace-idSpecify a Workspace to run this command for a Deployment that is outside of your current Workspace.Any valid Workspace ID
-k, --keyReturn only a specific configuration key for a Deployment. For example --key configuration.cluster_id to get a Deployment's cluster ID.Any valid Deployment configuration key
-o, --outputOutput format can be one of: YAML or JSON. By default, inspecting a Deployment returns a file in YAML format.yaml or json


# Shows a list of Deployments to inspect and prompts you to choose one
$ astro deployment inspect

# Shows a specific Deployment's configuration
$ astro deployment inspect <deployment-id>

# Shows a specific Deployment's health status
$ astro deployment inspect <deployment-id> --key information.status