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astro deployment runtime upgrade


This command is available only if you're authenticated to an Astronomer Software installation.

Initializes the Runtime version upgrade process on any Deployment on Astronomer Software.


Run astro deployment runtime upgrade --deployment-id=<deployment-id> to initialize the Runtime upgrade process. To finalize the Runtime upgrade process, complete all of the steps in Upgrade Apache Airflow on Astronomer Software.


OptionDescriptionPossible values
--cancelCancel the upgradeNone
--deployment-id (Required)The ID of the Deployment for which you want to upgrade Runtime. Run astro deployment list to retrieve the Deployment ID.Any Deployment ID
--desired-runtime-versionThe Runtime version you're upgrading to. For example, 2.2.0.Any supported Runtime version


# Upgrade to Runtime 6.0.0
$ astro deployment runtime --deployment-id telescopic-sky-4599 --desired-runtime-version 6.0.0