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astro deployment variable update

For a given Deployment on Astro, use astro deployment variable update to update the value of an existing environment variable with the Astro CLI. To do so, you can either:

  • Manually enter a new key=value pair for an existing key directly in the command.
  • Modify the value of one or more environment variables in a .env file and load that file with --load.

This command is functionally identical to editing and saving the value of an existing environment variable in the Cloud UI. For more information on environment variables, see Set environment variables on Astro.


astro deployment variable update

To run this command in an automated process such as a CI/CD pipeline, set the following OS-level environment variables in a way that the Astro CLI can access them:


After setting the variables, this command works for a Deployment without you having to manually authenticate to Astronomer. Astronomer recommends storing ASTRONOMER_KEY_SECRET as a secret before using it to programmatically update production-level Deployments.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-d,--deployment-idThe ID of the Deployment whose environment variable(s) you want to update.Any valid Deployment ID
--deployment-nameThe name of the Deployment whose environment variable(s) you want to update. Use as an alternative to <deployment-id>.Any valid Deployment name
-e,--envThe path to a file that contains a list of environment variables. If a filepath isn't specified, this looks for a .env file in your current directory. If .env doesn't exist, this flag will create it for youAny valid filepath
-l,--loadExport updated environment variables from your Astro project's .env file to the Deployment. This is an alternative to updating an environment variable by manually specifying --key and --value. By default, this flag updates all environment variables based on the file specified with --env``
-s,--secretSet the value of the updated environment variable as secret``
-w,--workspace-idUpdate an environment variable for a Deployment that is not in your current Workspace. If this is not specified, your current Workspace is assumedAny valid Workspace ID


# Update an existing environment variable and set as secret
$ astro deployment variable update --deployment-id cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv AIRFLOW__SECRETS__BACKEND_KWARGS=<my-new-secret-value> --secret

# Update multiple environment variables for a Deployment at once by loading them from a .env file
$ astro deployment variable update --deployment-id cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv --load --env

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