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astro dev bash

Run a bash command in a locally running Docker container for an Airflow component. This command is equivalent to running docker exec -it <container-id>.


In a locally running Astro project, run:

astro dev bash

By default, the command execs into the scheduler container and prompts you to run a bash command. To run a command in a different container, you have to specify a different container flag.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-p, --postgresRun a bash command in the metadata database container``
-s,--schedulerRun a bash command in the scheduler container``
-t, --triggererRun a bash command in the triggerer container``
-w, --webserverRun a bash command in the webserver container``


$ astro dev bash --webserver
ls -al
# View all files in the webserver container
$ astro dev bash --scheduler
pip-freeze | grep pymongo
# Check the version of the pymongo package running in the scheduler