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astro dev init

Initialize an Astro project in an empty local directory. An Astro project contains the set of files necessary to run Airflow, including dedicated folders for your DAG files, plugins, and dependencies. An Astro project can be either run locally with astro dev start or pushed to Astronomer with astro deploy.


astro dev init


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-v, --runtime-versionInitialize a project with a specific Runtime versionAny supported Runtime version
-n,--nameName of your Astro projectAny string
--use-astronomer-certifiedOnly for use on Astronomer Software. Initializes your project with an Astronomer Certified image.None


$ astro dev init
# Initializes default project

$ astro dev init --name=MyProject
# Generates `config.yaml` file with `name=MyProject`

$ astro dev init --runtime-version=4.0.7
## Initializes project with Runtime 4.0.7