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astro dev start

Build your Astro project into a Docker image and spin up a local Docker container for each Airflow component.

This command can be used to build an Astro project and run it locally. For more information, see Build and run a project locally.


astro dev start


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-e,--envPath to your environment variable file. Default is .envValid filepaths
-i, --image-nameThe name of a pre-built custom Docker image to use with your project. The image must be available from a Docker registry hosted on your local machineA valid name for a pre-built Docker image based on Astro Runtime
-n, --no-browserStarts a local Airflow environment without opening a web browser for the Airflow UINone
--no-cacheDo not use cache when building your Astro project into a Docker imageNone
-s, --settings-fileSettings file from which to import Airflow objects. Default is airflow_settings.yaml.Any valid path to an Airflow settings file
--waitAmount of time to wait for the webserver to get healthy before timing out. The default is 1 minute for most machines and 5 minutes for Apple M1 machines.Time in minutes defined as <integer>m and time in seconds defined as <integer>s


$ astro dev start --env=/users/username/documents/myfile.env