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astro organization switch

Switch to a different Organization that you have access to in Astro.


astro organization switch <your-organization-name-or-id>

You can switch to a different Organization only if you have already authenticated to your primary Organization using astro login. If you have not authenticated, run astro login <base-domain> first.

Switching to a different organization triggers a new browser login. If browser login does not work on your machine, use the --login-link flag with organization switch.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-l, --login-linkForces a user to manually access the Cloud UI to log in instead of opening the browser automatically from the Astro CLI.None
<organization-id>The ID of the Organization to switch to.Any valid Organization ID
<organization-name>The name of the Organization to switch into. Use as an alternative to <organization-id>.Any valid Organization name