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Configure the Astro CLI

Every Astro project includes a file called .astro/config.yaml that supports various project-level settings, including:

  • The name of your Astro project.
  • The port for the Airflow webserver and Postgres metadata database.
  • The username and password for accessing the Postgres metadata database.

In most cases, you only need to modify these settings in the case of debugging and troubleshooting the behavior of Airflow components in your local environment.

Set a configuration

Run the following command in an Astro project:

astro config set <configuration> <value>

This command applies your configuration to .astro/config.yaml in your current Astro project. Configurations do not persist between Astro projects.

For example, to update the port of your local Airflow webserver to 8081 from the default of 8080, run:

astro config set webserver.port 8081

Available CLI configurations

OptionDescriptionPossible Values
cloud.api.protocolThe type of protocol to use when calling the Airflow API in a local Airflow environmenthttp, https
cloud.api.portThe port to use when calling the Airflow API in a local environmentAny available port
contextThe context for your Astro projectAny available context
local.registryThe location of your local Docker container running AirflowAny available port
postgres.userYour username for the Postgres metadata databaseAny string
postgres.passwordYour password for the Postgres metadata databaseAny string
postgres.hostYour hostname for the Postgres metadata databaseAny string
postgres.portYour port for the Postgres metadata databaseAny available port
project.nameThe name of your Astro projectAny string
webserver.portThe port for the webserver in your local Airflow environmentAny available port
show_warningsDetermines whether warning messages appear when starting up a local Airflow environmenttrue, false