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Astro CLI command reference

This document contains information about all commands and settings available in the Astro CLI, including examples and flags. To get started with the Astro CLI, see Get Started.

All reference documentation is based on the latest available version of the Astro CLI. To see the differences across various CLI versions, see the Astro CLI Release Notes.

The Astronomer product you're using determines the behavior and format of commands. The documentation identifies commands that are specific to Astro or Astronomer Software, or when specific behavior is product dependent.

Core Commands

We expect that you'll use these commands most often when managing your Astro projects and Deployments:

Each of these commands has a dedicated documentation page with additional notes and examples.

Global Options

The Astro CLI has the following global flags that can be used with any command:

  • -h, --help: Output more information about a given command to the CLI.
  • --verbosity <string>: Specify the log level to expose for each CLI command. Possible values are debug, info, warn, error, fatal, and panic.