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Connect Astro to Azure data sources

Use the information provided here to learn how you can securely connect Astro to your existing Azure instance. A connection to Azure allows Astro to access data stored on your Azure instance and is a necessary step to running pipelines in a production environment.

Connection options

The connection option that you choose is determined by the requirements of your organization and your existing infrastructure. You can choose a straightforward implementation, or a more complex implementation that provides enhanced data security. Astronomer recommends that you review all of the available connection options before selecting one for your organization.

Publicly accessible endpoints allow you to quickly connect Astro to Azure. To configure these endpoints, you can use one of the following methods:

When you use publicly accessible endpoints to connect Astro and Azure, traffic moves directly between your Astro clusters and the Azure API endpoint. Data in this traffic never reaches the control plane, which is managed by Astronomer.

Authorization options

Authorization is the process of verifying a user or service's permissions before allowing them access to organizational applications and resources. Astro clusters must be authorized to access external resources from your cloud.

Azure account access keys

When you create an Azure storage account, two 512-bit storage account access keys are generated for the account. You can use these keys to authorize access to data in your storage account with Shared Key authorization.

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