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Create a dedicated cluster

A dedicated cluster exclusively runs Deployments from your Organization within a single-tenant environment on Astronomer's cloud. Dedicated clusters provide more configuration options for regions, connectivity, and security than standard clusters. You might want to create a dedicated cluster if:

  • You need to connect Astronomer's cloud to an external cloud using VPC peering. Standard clusters are compatible with all other supported connection types.
  • You want more options for the region your cluster is hosted in.
  • You otherwise want to keep your Deployments as isolated as possible.

Dedicated clusters offer the self-service convenience of a fully managed service while respecting the need to keep data private, secure, and within a single-tenant environment. If you don't need the aforementioned features, you can use one of the standard clusters when you Create a Deployment.


  1. In the Cloud UI, open your Organization page by clicking the Astronomer logo in the upper left corner.

  2. Click Cluster > + Cluster.

  3. Configure the following details about your cluster:

    • Name: The name for your cluster.
    • Region: Select the region that you want your cluster to run in.
    • VPC Subnet Range: Provide a subnet range for Astro to connect to your existing AWS resources through VPC peering. The default is
  4. Click Create cluster. After Astro finishes creating the cluster, users in your Organization can select the cluster when they create a Deployment.

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