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Data plane activation

Astro is a modern data orchestration platform, powered by Apache Airflow, that enables your entire data team to build, run, and observe data pipelines. The Astro architecture includes a single-tenant data plane in your cloud and a multi-tenant control plane in the Astronomer cloud. The data plane provides a reliable and seamless connection to all of your data services.

Your data plane is deployed into a clean, dedicated AWS account, GCP project, or Microsoft Azure subscription. Astronomer is responsibile for the operations of this account. See Shared responsibility model.

By default, the Astronomer account can't access your data services. Astronomer support will work with you to ensure your peering VPC or direct connections are secure.

High level overview of Astro's architecture

What to expect

An assigned Astronomer engineer will work with you to activate your data plane. The activation process typically takes and hour and when it's complete you'll have your first pipeline deployed in your Astro environment. In addition, you'll have hands-on experience with Astronomer data orchestration.


The following are required when activating your AWS data plane:

  • Astro CLI installed for any users who will develop pipelines
  • A clean AWS Account
  • The following permissions to that AWS account:
    • cloudformation:*
    • GetRole
    • GetRolePolicy
    • CreateRole
    • DeleteRolePolicy
    • PutRolePolicy
    • ListRoles
    • UpdateAssumeRolePolicy
  • A desired region for your Astro cluster, from the list of supported regions
  • If peering VPCs, preferred subnet CIDR range identified (no smaller than a /19 range)

What’s next

After your data plane is activated, you can spin up new Airflow environments, deploy pipelines through the Astro CLI, and experience an improved Airflow powered by Astro Runtime.

Our engineers want to help you get started quickly and get back to focusing on your pipelines. We’ll reach out in a few days to see how you’re doing, but don’t hesitate to reach out in the interim using Slack or e-mail.