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Manage Organization settings

Organizations are the highest level user group on Astro. All Astro users belong to at least one Organization and have an Organization role. See Manage user permissions

As an Organization Owner, you can manage Organization authentication and users in the Cloud UI and by contacting Astronomer support. This document explains how to configure Organization settings. To manage Organization users, see Manage Astro users.

Configure just-in-time provisioning for single sign-on

Astro supports just-in-time provisioning by default for all single sign-on (SSO) integrations. This means that if someone without an Astronomer account tries logging into Astronomer with an email address from a domain that you manage, they are automatically granted a default role in your Organization without needing an invite. Users with emails outside of this domain need to be invited to your Organization to access it.

Contact Astronomer support for assistance with the following just-in-time provisioning settings:

  • Enabling or disabling just-in-time provisioning.
  • Adding or removing a managed domain.

Bypass single sign-on


Do not share your single sign-on (SSO) bypass link. With an SSO bypass link, anyone with an email and a password can log in to Astro. Astronomer recommends periodically regenerating the link from the Settings tab in the Cloud UI.

An SSO bypass link allows you to authenticate to an Organization without using SSO. This link should be used to access your Organization only when you can't access Astro due to an issue your identity provider.

  1. In the Cloud UI, click the Settings tab.

  2. In the SSO Bypass Link field, click Copy.

  3. Optional. When you finish using the bypass link, Astronomer recommends clicking Regenerate to create a new bypass link and void the old one.

    If you don't want to maintain an SSO bypass link, click Delete. You can always regenerate a link if you need one in the future.

Restrict authentication options

By default, users have access to all possible authentication methods when logging into Astro. You can remove specific authentication options, such as GitHub or Google, so that users can use only the methods that your Organization wants to support, such as your third party identity provider.

To restrict which authentication options are available on Astro for your organization, contact Astronomer support.