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Before starting the migration, ensure that the following are true:

On your local machine, make sure you have:

On the cloud service from which you're migrating, ensure that you have:

  • A source Airflow environment on Airflow 2 or later.
  • Read access to the source Airflow environment.
  • Read access to any cloud storage buckets that store your DAGs.
  • Read access to any source control tool that hosts your current Airflow code, such as GitHub.
  • Permission to create new repositories on your source control tool.
  • (Optional) Access to your secrets backend.
  • (Optional) Permission to create new CI/CD pipelines.

All source Airflow environments on 1.x need to be upgraded to at least Airflow 2.0 before you can migrate them. Astronomer professional services can help you with the upgrade process.

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