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In your Astro Organization, you can create Workspaces, which are a collection of users that have access to the same Deployments. Workspaces are typically owned by a single team.

  1. Follow the steps in Manage Workspaces to create a Workspace in the Cloud UI for your migrated Airflow environments. Astronomer recommends naming your first Workspace after your data team or initial business use case with Airflow. You can update these names in the Cloud UI after you finish the migration.

  2. Follow the steps in Manage Astro users to add users from your team to the Workspace. See Astro user permissions for details about each available Workspace user role.


You can add users to a Workspace an Organization using the Astro CLI. See:

You can automate adding batches of users to Astro with shell scripts. See Add a group of users to Astro using the Astro CLI.

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