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Version: 0.28

Install the Astro CLI


This guide provides instructions for how to install the Astro CLI.

The Astro CLI is the easiest way to run Apache Airflow on your machine. From the Astro CLI, you can run a local Apache Airflow environment with a dedicated Webserver, Scheduler and Postgres Database. Once you create an Astronomer Software project, you can customize it (for example, add Python or OS-level packages or add plugins) and test it on your local machine.

You can also use the CLI to:

  • Authenticate to Astronomer Software.
  • List the Astro Workspace and Deployments you can access.
  • Deploy a project to Software.

Install the Astro CLI


To use the Astro CLI on Mac, you must have:


To install the latest supported version of the Astro CLI for Software 0.28, run the following command:

brew install astro@1.1

Confirm the Install

To confirm the CLI was installed properly, run the following CLI command:

astro version

If the installation was successful, you should see the following output:

% astro version
Astro CLI Version: 1.2.0