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Version: 0.28

Astronomer Software Documentation


Astronomer Software is the best way to run Apache Airflow in your private cloud. Using Astronomer's tooling, you can have fine-tuned control over every aspect of your Airflow experience.


Astronomer Software's key features ensure that enterprise organizations can run Apache Airflow securely and reliably:

  • Push-button Deployments of Apache Airflow
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) for configurable and secure user management
  • Extensive cloud, network, third party provider, and system component configurations via Helm
  • System logging, monitoring, and alerts via Grafana and Kibana
  • Astronomer Certified, a collection of Docker images that provides a differentiated data orchestration experience. Astronomer Certified includes timely support for the latest major, minor, and patch versions of Airflow


The following diagram shows how you can run Airflow in your private cloud using Astronomer Software:

Astronomer Software Overview

Installation Guides

If you are new to Astronomer Software, use the following guides to install the system on your cloud service:

Customizing Your Installation

Because the platform uses Helm, it's easy to customize your Software installation. Below are some guides for most common customizations:


There are many tools at your disposal for administering Astronomer:


Usage of Astronomer requires an Astronomer Platform Software Edition license.