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Version: 0.30

Kibana logging on Astronomer Software

All Airflow logs from your Astronomer logs will flow to Elasticsearch and can be visualized on Kibana. Like Grafana, this view is only available to system admins.


  1. Open a browser and go to kibana.BASEDOMAIN.

  2. Click Menu in the upper left, click Stack Management, and then click Index Patterns.

  3. In the Name field enter fluentd.* and then click Create index pattern.

    Elasticsearch uses index patterns to organize how you explore data. Setting fluentd.* as the index means that Kibana will display all logs from all deployments (Astronomer uses fluentd to ship logs from pods to ElasticSearch).

  4. Enter @timestamp as the Time Filter.


After the index pattern is confirmed, the Discover tab displays logs as they become available.

Elastic Add Fields screen

From this view, you can add filters to see logs as they come in from all Airflow deployments. You can also add field filters.


Custom dashboards can be created in the Dashboard view.