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Airflow Tutorials

Learn how to write data pipelines and become an expert on data orchestration. These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for both basic and advanced use cases specific to Apache Airflow and Astro.


Learn more

  • Astronomer Webinars are live, recorded events that cover in-depth data orchestration concepts and use cases. They are run by Astronomer team members who often answer questions and give advice.
  • Live with Astronomer are hands-on workshops that offer live walkthroughs of specific Airflow features in code.
  • Astronomer Guides cover both entry and expert level concepts in Airflow.
  • Astronomer Academy offers step-by-step video tutorials for basic and advanced functionality of both Astro and Airflow. The Academy also offers full-length Airflow courses and certification exams.

Don't know where to start? For beginners, the next resources we recommend are: