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Home Screen

This is the dashboard for all of your DAGs. From here you can get an overview for what is happening across all workflows for your organization.

Dashboard Columns

Some of the high-level items you can glean from a glance are:

  • Is DAG paused or running?
  • Schedule
    • How often should this DAG be running?
  • Owner
    • Who should I contact when this DAG is not working properly?
  • Recent Tasks
    • From the most recent run of this workflow, what is the count for each status in that DAG run?
  • Last Run
    • Last active run for that DAG. If this column is empty your DAG is call caught up.
  • DAG Runs
    • The final states and counts of each state for all DAG runs for that DAG


A list of the various states you may see a DAG run or task instance in:

  • Success
  • Running
  • Failed
  • Skipped (Task State Only)
  • Retry (Task State Only)
  • Queued (Task State Only)
  • No Status



This method is best when you want to selectively email users who may be dependent on the outcome of workflows. Like most things in Airflow there a some options of how you can accomplish this task.

Email in Default Args

Most DAGs will be defined with a set of default arguments (default_args) that are passed to every task instance in your workflow. You can include parameters about email alerts on retries and failures in these arguments.

  • email
    • A string representation of an email or a list of emails
  • email_on_retry
    • A boolean representing whether or not to send an email to email on retry
  • email_on_failure
    • A boolean representing whether or not to send an email to email on failure


Custom Messaging Tasks

Thanks to community contributed operators such as the Slack or email operator, you can send notifications for success, failure, or other custom events as they happen.

Message on Success

In some cases, you may want to be notified when a workflow succeeds. An easy way to do this is to add a task downstream from the rest of your tasks that sends a notification.

Message on Failure

Depending on your use-case, there’s different ways you can handle failure notifications. The failure emails and Slack operator are can all be highly customized and built-on. In some cases when you have more complex logic, you can change the trigger rule and define custom logic for different scenarios.