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Astro CLI

The Astro CLI is the command line interface for data orchestration. It's the easiest way to get started with Apache Airflow and can be used with all Astronomer products.

The Astro CLI is open source and built for data practitioners everywhere. The binary is maintained in the public Astro CLI GitHub repository, where pull requests and GitHub issues are welcome.

Install the CLI

To install with Homebrew, run:

brew install astro

For alternative installation steps, see Install the Astro CLI.

Get started

Follow the Get started tutorial to run Airflow locally and write your first DAG.


Specifically, the Astro CLI includes:

  • A built-in Astro project directory that includes all the files required to run Airflow, including dedicated folders for your DAGs, packages, and unit tests.
  • Commands to enhance the local development experience. Using the CLI, you can run a local Airfow environment, apply code changes, and view logs for all Airflow components.
  • A set of example pytests and example DAGs that showcase important Airflow best practices and can help your team learn quickly and identify errors in your DAGs ahead of time.
  • Easy and secure browser-based authentication for Astro and Astronomer Software.
  • A robust set of commands to match functionality in the Cloud UI, including commands to create a Deployment and modify environment variables.
  • Support for Deployment API keys, which you can use to automate commands as part of CI/CD workflows.

To stay up to date on the latest features, see Astro CLI Release Notes.

CLI reference

For a full list of available CLI commands, see the CLI command reference.