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astro run

Run a single DAG in a local Airflow environment and see task success or failure in your terminal. This command compiles your DAG and runs it in a single Airflow worker container based on your Astro project configurations.

For more information, see Run a DAG with Astro Run.


astro run <dag-id>


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-e,--envPath to an alternative environment variable file. The default is .env in your current Astro project.Any valid filepath.
--no-cacheBuild your Astro project into a Docker image without using cache.None.
-s, --settings-fileAn alternative settings file from which Airflow objects are imported. The default is airflow_settings.yaml in your current Astro project.Any valid filepath.


# Run a DAG with an alternative set of environment variables
$ astro run example_dag_basic --env dev.env