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astro workspace team remove


The behavior and format of this command differs depending on what Astronomer product you're using. Use the following tabs to change between product contexts.

Remove a Team from your current Workspace.


astro workspace team remove <team-id> --workspace-id <workspace-id>

You can retrieve a Team's ID in one of two ways:

  • Access the Team in the Software UI and copy the last part of the URL in your web browser. For example, if your Team is located at, your Team ID would be cl4iqjamcnmfgigl4852flfgulye.
  • Run astro workspace team list and copy the value in the ID column.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
<team-id>The ID for the Team. Use to override CLI prompts.Any valid Team ID. To retrieve a Team ID, run astro workspace team list.
--workspace-idThe Workspace for the Team Use to override CLI prompts.Any valid Workspace ID

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