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Deploy DAGs to Astro

DAG-only deploys are the fastest way to deploy code to Astro. They are recommended if you only need to deploy changes made to the dags directory of your Astro project.

DAG-only deploys are enabled by default on all Deployments on Astro Hosted. After it is enabled, you must still deploy your project image when you make a change to any file in your Astro project that is not in the dags directory.

DAG-only deploys have the following benefits:

  • DAG-only deploys are significantly faster than project deploys.
  • Deployments pick up DAG-only deploys without restarting. This results in a more efficient use of workers and no downtime for your Deployments.
  • If you have a CI/CD process that includes both DAG and image-based deploys, you can use your repository's permissions to control which users can perform which kinds of deploys. See DAG deploy templates for how you can set this up in your CI/CD pipelines.
  • You can use DAG deploys to update your DAGs when you have slow upload speed on your internet connection.

Trigger a DAG-only deploy

Triggering a DAG-only deploy pushes DAGs to Astro and mounts them to the workers and schedulers in your Deployment. DAG-only deploys do not disrupt running tasks and do not cause any components to restart when you push code. If you deploy changes to a DAG that is currently running, active task runs finish executing according to the code from before you triggered a deploy. New task runs are scheduled using the code from your latest deploy.

Run the following command to deploy only your dags directory to a Deployment:

astro deploy --dags

Enable / disable DAG-only deploys on a Deployment

On Astro Hosted, DAG-only deploys are enabled by default for all Deployments. On Astro Hybrid, you must enable them manually for each Deployment.

If you have Workspace Owner permissions, you can enable or disable DAG-only deploys for a Deployment at any time. After you disable DAG-only deploys and trigger a code deploy:

  • Any changes to your DAG code are deployed as part of your Astro project Docker image.
  • Your Deployment no longer includes Azure Blob Storage or DAG downloading sidecars.
  • In the Cloud UI, your Deployment DAG bundle version will not update when you deploy code.

To determine if turning off DAG-only deploy functionality is the right choice for your organization, contact Astronomer support.

Before you enable or disable DAG-only deploys on a Deployment, ensure the following:

  • You have access to the latest version of your Deployment's Astro project.
  • You can update your Deployment using the Astro CLI.

Carefully read and complete all of the following steps to ensure that your Deployment is not disrupted by disabling or enabling DAG-only deploys. Crucially, you must trigger an image deploy to your Astro Deployment using astro deploy immediately after you apply the setting. If you don't, your DAGs will be not be available in the Airflow UI until you update your Deployment.

  1. To turn off DAG-only deploys, run the following command:

    astro deployment update --dag-deploy disable

    To turn on DAG-only deploys, run the following command:

    astro deployment update --dag-deploy enable
  2. Run the following command to deploy all of the files in your Astro project as a Docker image:

    astro deploy

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