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View the deploy history for an Astro Deployment

The Deploy History tab in the Cloud UI shows you a record of all code deploys to your Deployment. Use this page to track deploys across multiple contributors and pinpoint when a specific change was made.

View of the Deploy History tab in the Cloud UI, with one deploy entry


Deploy history is currently available only for image deploys. DAG deploys do not appear in the Deploy History tab.

View deploy history

  1. In the Cloud UI, select a Deployment.
  2. Click Deploy History

For each deploy, the Deploy History table shows the user that made the deploy, when they made the deploy, what image they used, and any descriptions they added to the deploy.

Add a description to a deploy

Adding a description to a deploy is a helpful way to let other users know why you made a deploy and what the deploy contains. Descriptions appear in your deploy's entry in the Deploy History table.

To add a description to a deploy, specify the --description flag when you run astro deploy. For example:

astro deploy --description "Added a new 'monitor_weather' DAG"

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