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Manage User Permissions in Astro


This document provides information about all available user roles in Astro.

To better protect your data pipelines and cloud infrastructure, Astro offers role-based access control for Organizations and Workspaces. Each Astro user has a Workspace role in each Workspace they belong to, plus a single Organization role.

Organization Roles

An Organization role grants a user some level of access to an Astro Organization, including all of the Workspaces within that Organization. All users have an Organization role regardless of whether they belong to a Workspace. The following Organization roles are available:

PermissionOrganization MemberOrganization Billing AdminOrganization Owner
Create a new Workspace✔️✔️✔️
View Organization details and user membership✔️✔️✔️
Update Organization billing information and settings✔️✔️
Update Organization user membership✔️
Invite new user to Organization✔️
Default Roles in New Organizations

The first 3 users that log in to a new Organization will automatically become Organization Owners. Any new users after that will automatically become Organization Members.

Update Organization Roles

To update a user's Organization role:

  1. In the Cloud UI, go to the People tab. This tab is available in the Organization view of the UI.
  2. Find the user in the table and click the Edit button next to their entry. The Members table contains a list of all users that have been added to at least one Workspace in your Organization. If you can't find a user in this table, it might be because they haven't yet been invited to a Workspace or accepted their invite.

Workspace Roles

A Workspace role grants a user some level of access to a specific Workspace. The following Workspace roles are available:

PermissionWorkspace ViewerWorkspace EditorWorkspace Admin
View Workspace users✔️✔️✔️
View all Deployments in the Cloud UI✔️✔️✔️
View DAGs in the Airflow UI✔️✔️✔️
Push code to Deployments✔️✔️
Update Deployment settings✔️✔️
Update user roles and information✔️

Update Workspace Roles

Workspace Admins can set user roles via the Access tab in the Cloud UI. For more information, see Manage Workspaces.