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astro deployment create


The behavior and format of this command differs depending on what Astronomer product you're using. Use the following tabs to change product contexts.

Create a Deployment on Astro. This command is functionally identical to using the Cloud UI to create a Deployment.


astro deployment create

When you use astro deployment create, it creates a Deployment with a default Worker Queue that uses default worker types.

Some Deployment configurations, including worker queue and worker type, can be set only by using the --deployment-file flag to apply a Deployment file. See Manage Deployments as code.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-c, --cluster-idThe cluster in which you want to create a DeploymentThe name of any cluster that you can create Deployments in
--dag-deployEnables DAG-only deploys for the Deployment. The default is disableenable or disable
--deployment-fileLocation of the template file that specifies the configuration of the new Deployment. File can be in either JSON or YAML format. See Create a Deployment with a Deployment FileA valid file path for YAML or JSON template file
-d,--descriptionThe description for the DeploymentAny string. Multiple-word descriptions should be specified in quotations (")
-n,--nameThe name of the DeploymentAny string. Multiple-word descriptions should be specified in quotations
-v,--runtime-versionThe Astro Runtime version for the DeploymentAny supported version of Astro Runtime. Major, minor, and patch versions must be specified.
-s,--scheduler-auThe number of AU to allocate towards the Deployment's Scheduler(s). The default is5.Integer between 0 and 24
-r,--scheduler-replicasThe number of scheduler replicas for the Deployment. The default is 1.Integer between 0 and 4
--waitThe time to wait for the new Deployment to have a healthy status before completing the command .None
--workspace-idThe Workspace in which to create a Deployment. If not specified, your current Workspace is assumed.Any valid Workspace ID


# CLI prompts you for a Deployment name and cluster
$ astro deployment create

# Create a Deployment with all required information specified. The CLI will not prompt you for more information
$ astro deployment create -d="My Deployment Description" --name="My Deployment Name" --cluster-id="ckwqkz36200140ror6axh8p19"

# Specify the new Deployment's configuration with a yaml file
$ astro deployment create --deployment-file deployment.yaml