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astro deployment logs


Show scheduler logs over the last 24 hours for a given Deployment on Astro. These scheduler logs are the same logs that appear in the Logs tab of the Cloud UI.


astro deployment logs


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
<deployment-id>The Deployment to show logs forAny valid Deployment ID
-e,--errorShow only logs with a log level of ERROR``
-w,--warnShow only logs with a log level of WARNING``
-i,--infoShow only logs with a log level of INFO``
-c,--log-countThe number of log lines to show. The default is500Any integer
--workspace-idSpecify a Workspace to show logs for a Deployment outside of your current WorkspaceAny valid Workspace ID


$ astro deployment logs
# CLI prompts you for a Deployment to view logs for
$ astro deployment logs cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv
# View logs for a specific Deployment
$ astro deployment logs cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv --error --log-count=25
# For the same Deployment, show only the last 25 error-level logs